Ali Miles-Jenkins is the UK’s leading expert in helping women over 50 have that second bite of the cherry, set up their very own business and finally become their own CEO at work and play.
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At school Ali was always determined to give of her best.  She was the fastest 100m runner and swam 100m backstroke at County Championship level, learning valuable lessons about competition, hard work, and the art of winning.

She managed to juggle a great social life with academic success and read German and Business Studies at Warwick and Nuremburg Universities.
Ali's had a passion for business and marketing since she graduated from Warwick University in 1982, despite coming from a very academic background. She had successful research and development roles in European Marketing and Business Training. In 1987 she set up one of the first Local Authority training departments in the UK.

She took the leap of entrepreneurial faith in 1990 and set up her own management consultancy right in the middle of a recession and hasn't looked back since. 

She’s the founder of multiple business, management and personal development programmes which have helped more than 50,000 people achieve individual and business goals, overcome challenges and make the most of opportunities, personally and professionally, in the UK and internationally.

She’s an award winning business owner, trainer, coach, speaker, author and hypnotherapist and a regular contributor to professional magazines and journals.  She's been featured on TV and is in demand for speaking engagements throughout the country.

Successfully juggling her consultancy and three children Ali discovered the secrets of the ultimate lifestyle business, becoming her own CEO at work and play. By 2016 she'd become increasingly sought after by women who also wanted to leave careers and become entrepreneurs. This was the inspiration behind The BoomBiz. Ali now champions an ever growing global group of women over 50 who want to follow her example. 

She's identified the attributes and skills women over 50 need to become "BoomBosses", their own CEO at work and play, in her BoomBoss Manifesto. She's now the UK's leading expert in enabling women over 50 to have that second bite of the cherry by starting and growing their very own businesses to get the lifestyle they deserve.

Ali was spurred on by an increasing following of women who were inspired by her personal and entrepreneurial journey.  She founded The BoomBiz  and created The BoomBoss Manifesto and Mindset in 2016. She's become the UK's leading expert in enabling women over 50 achieve that dream lifestyle of work and play, to be in control of their own success, abundance, and profitable lifestyle.

She's empowering them to become BoomBosses, turning their life experience, skills, knowledge and expertise into their own lucrative expert based businesses, working when and where they want, to secure the lifestyle, the income and the freedom they deserve.

She shows them exactly how to reinvigorate and reinvent themselves to create meaningful change in their lives and the wider world.  To make their mark, stand for something and have their own identity. 

Through her events, training, coaching and online programmes she helps them discover a whole new world; that they may be over 50 but they need not be overlooked.  Now is their time to do what they were born to do. To release their inner fearless, and start and grow booming businesses.  To finally become their own CEO at work and play, with the lifestyle they desire and deserve.
Ali's special friend Kim died in May 2017 of lung cancer, aged 55. She embodied the ‘BoomBoss’ mentality, even though she was not a business person. She was strong. A no BS action taker who didn’t want to waste another second of her life, who would have given anything for the opportunity to reinvigorate herself and take advantage of the endless opportunities out there.

For all these reasons and more Ali has created K.I.M. ‘Keep In Momentum’ represents a positive mindset, a desire to keep moving ahead, making the most of our lives and the opportunities there for the taking.

So in memory of Kim, any woman over 50 who wants to start or grow a business and who has had cancer can join Ali's online programme “6 Weeks To Expert Success” completely for free. This is worth £399 for the online resources.
The key driver for Ali's business success is, and has always been, her family. 

The timing of her entrepreneurial leap of faith from a successful career into running her own business coincided with her overwhelming wish to spend more time with her first child, who was then just 18 months old.

One of her happiest moments occured some 20 years later when that daughter joined her business (and in 2017 made her a grandma!)

Her son also went on to work with her and is now a successful entrepreneur in his own right.

Her youngest daughter is an occupational psychologist in London, so not a million miles away from how Ali herself started out.

Although she has travelled extensively with her businesses helping more than 50,000 people all over the world achieve their professional and personal goals, Ali is at her happiest when at home in the country with her second husband, their four beloved Jack Russells and her horse called Harvey.

Ultimately her dream is to open an animal sanctuary. 
New Manager Secrets
Ali poured 26 years of experience working with managers and leaders into this book which tells you exactly how to accelerate your success as a manager immediately.  

"A must read for anyone who has staff". Russell Brunson, Entreprenuer and co-founder of ClickFunnels who has a following of over a million entreprenuers and business owners.
The Greatest Sales & Marketing Challenges You Face In Business Today 
2018 Survey Results Reveal Must-Have Info
Ali surveyed 1,000 women over 50 who run their own businesses.  

Discover their greatest sales and marketing challenges and how you can overcome them.
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